AEM #53 – Rosemary Lamaison: Experiences & Impact of Boarding School on Girls & Boys, Women & Men

On today's episode my guest is Rosemary Lamaison. In this podcast she shares her years of experience working as a counsellor with ex-boarders. What are some of the experiences of girls and boys at boarding school? Today Rosemary gives dozens of quotes and examples of how the boarding school education impacts girls and boys and the adults that they become.

A really fascinating and rich sharing from one of the leading therapists in the boarding school syndrome and boarding school survivors world.


Rosemary Lamaison is a counsellor with 30 years’ experience. She works with adult clients from diverse backgrounds and covers a broad range of issues. These include couples, relationship and marriage guidance, parent and family issues and anxiety, stress, low confidence or low self-esteem. She also works with abuse and boarding school syndrome.

Some of the areas to talk about:

1. I would love for you to share some of your journey. How did you get into the work that you now do?
2. Can you please talk a little bit about some of the key issues relating to women ex-boarders:
1. relationships, intimacy difficulties
2. not having a voice, or being heard
3. where can their experience be talked about
4. femininity
5. puberty and their move to womanhood being 'uncelebrated'.
6. education and low expectations - for those who are now in their 50,60,70's. Should I say 'limited' education and being 'taught' to be a good wife !
7. what do they do with their sadness, rage
8. How do they display their skills / abilities without being seen as 'bossy', 'aggressive'
9. having to adopt male behaviours in the male working environments
10. how to parent, having not had the role model that would help
11. self esteem and confidence
12. false self, loss of authentic self.   Appearing confident but hiding their vulnerable self - also a male issue
13. food, eating disorders - hunger, comfort eating ... long term impact 
14. where's home [also for men of course]
15. travelling from overseas, put i/c of younger sibling, missing close contact with, and kindness from, ayahs, staff, 

For more information about Rosemary's work please visit: https://rosemarylamaisoncounselling.com

For Boarding Recovery and a list of registered therapists please visit: https://boardingrecovery.com/

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