Advanced Healthcare Leadership Course

Advanced HealthCare Leadership

18 Hours Course
Multiple dates (Face-to-face and Online)

Certificate of completion from Queen Mary University of London

Today’s healthcare professionals do much more than practice medicine-they must also be fluent in business, finance, operation management and the rapidly evolving regulatory environment. This course has been designed to introduce a variety of perspectives on advanced leadership skills for the healthcare professionals. The course aims to enable leaders and decision makers in the health care to introduce fit-for-purpose advanced leadership styles and approaches to their organisations.

The course will provide participants within the health care sectors with the best scientific and management solutions to implement effectively in their organisations. At the end of the course attendees should be able to acquire a comprehensive knowledge and practical experience about advanced leadership styles and approaches in response to the various challenges facing the healthcare sector particularly in the post Covid-19 era.

This course provides the participant with a comprehensive update of healthcare business processes, value-creating activities, and best practices for managing a supply chain – from forecasting and demand management to sourcing and procurement, to sales and project planning, and through logistics (i.e., warehousing, distribution, and transportation), out to the customer. The course covers both the practical and strategic perspectives of GSCM and sustainability. The course also provides an overview of the challenges that can be faced by healthcare systems and how artificial intelligence and digital innovations can improve the efficiency, quality, and safety of healthcare services.

This course will discuss healthcare economics and entrepreneurial challenges, considering new technologies and other economic factors, and explore the theoretical framework behind market-driven healthcare, controlling cost growth, and shrinking providers' revenue. The course will also allow participants to gain an insight into core economic and entrepreneurial principles to create more competitive products/services, development, and effective growth strategies, negotiate better reimbursement contracts and strategic alliances, and gain a better understanding of the interactions between industries in the healthcare sector and what economic forces are shaping the new global healthcare landscape.

This course will help advance women leaders within their organisations, and help organisations develop their women leaders. It will show the benefit in embracing such an approach, which benefits both women and their organisations, by delivering evidence-based strategies, skills development and education that help women at various stages of their healthcare careers step into and succeed in leadership positions.
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