Advanced Database organization: Course organization and Int. to DBMS Implementation

CS525: Lecture 1- Spring 22
Databases management systems are a crucial part of most large-scale industry and open-source systems. This course provides comprehensive coverage of issues associated with database system development and an in-depth examination of structures and techniques used in contemporary database management systems (DBMSs). Students will learn about the inner workings of these exciting systems: Which algorithms are used? What are typical architectures used to build a system as complex as a DBMS? What are implementation strategies? These questions and more will be answered during the course.

The course is highly applied, emphasizing practical skills and habits through a series of programming assignments during which students will develop their own tiny DBMS like engine. We will cover the most important aspects/components of a DBMS: storage and buffer management, indexing, query optimization, query execution, and concurrency control and recovery.
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