ADRi vTHD: "Economic and Political Governance Beyond the Crisis"

Amid new and evolving dynamisms in our economic and political landscapes, we struggle to grasp the “long-running development issues” that Philippine society confronts and craft comprehensive responses to achieve inclusive resurgence from the pandemic and sustainable growth. In the economic realm, the imperative of pursuing an investment-led growth and the development of human capital are twin goals of overcoming the long emergency of bouncing back from a crisis.

On the political plane, the new administration should see to it that fiscal consolidation will be strategized and implemented and that innovation in the public sector will be realized. Altogether, good economic and political governance will definitely show how development issues could be inclusively addressed. In essence, collaborative and multistakeholder governance is the key to address Philippine development problems.

In this light, the Stratbase ADR Institute hosted a session entitled, "Economic and Political Governance Beyond the Crisis”, as one of the Philippine Economic Society (PES)’s sponsors and co-organizers for its 60th Annual Meeting and Conference.
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