Administrative Assistants Training Program


Administrative Assistants play an important role. They support managers, executives, and the organization. This Training will help improve the support they provide to the organization to achieve its objectives.

In fact, Administrative Assistants and their work is no longer just clerical nor administrative. On top of their present skill sets, today’s administrative professionals must have leadership and management skills. They also need to strategize, innovate, and take the initiative towards continuous improvement of their processes. Likewise, they must have the people skills to professionally deal with internal and external clients.

While you may have always suspected it, now there’s mounting evidence that Administrative Assistants serve roles in corporate America that are considered even more important than the jobs that their bosses do. According to a social media survey conducted by office giant Staples, almost two-thirds of those participating said office administrative assistants are more relevant than the boss when it comes to holding the office together.

And for a few highly skilled assistants, the roles they initially play within an organization serve as stepping stones to advancement. Because the tasks Administrative Assistants often perform involve direct client communication, project research and vendor negotiations, Assistants are often strategically positioned to understand the full scope of what a company does and where it may be going –and to follow their company’s upward trajectory.

ALPs Administrative Assistants Training Program also provides participants techniques to become well-organize, efficient and prepared for today’s evolving workplace. Overall, participants in this course will enhance and develop their skills to communicate effectively with all levels of staff.
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