Added Value with Enterprise Architecture - [Ep26. ITBM ValueTalks]

Aurora Gaimon Greoles, ServiceNow #ITBM Advisory Solution Consultant, introduces Klaus Isenbecker, Senior Partner at Ins-Pi, who presents “Added Value with Enterprise Architecture in ServiceNow”.

An overview how ServiceNow and Ins-pi three certified apps can provided added value in the Enterprise Architecture space: A single system truth and engagement, a unique value proposition with modeling capabilities integrated in the ServiceNow platform, with the CMDB.

Ins-pi follows and applies best practices and aligns to #CSDM (Common Service Data Model), ensuring visibility, control and governance and MANAGE TRANSFORMATION from the enterprise architectural standpoint.

Get to know more about:
- Freelucy
- Designer

00:00 Episode Intro
00:51 Speaker intro
01:48 About Ins-Pi
02:54 Customer Challenges
06:05 The EAM journey
09:02 The Three Certified apps
09:22 Freelucy
10:28 Designer
15:40 UPM-X
19:18 Key Takeaways
20:28 What to do next
21:09 Thank you

ServiceNow platform support organisations in many different types of strategies and end to end transformation management. One Platform, One Product, One Single System of Engagement.

#ServiceNow -We make the world of work, work better for people!

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