ADD & ADHD Time Management Techniques for Success (Change Your Thinking!)

Is procrastination keeping you from successful time management? Learn how to CHANGE the way YOU think about time! One of the most important time management strategies is to alter your perspective about the clock & realize the true value of the hours you have every day, ESPECIALLY if you are someone who has a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD.
One way to STOP procrastination is to examine how you are currently utilizing your daily time so you can get a handle on how the cycle of procrastination keeps you wasting your minutes in the first place. Once you become aware of how this negative cycle works, learn how to break it by adding to your mental toolkit some of the “time-tested” time management tools & strategies that improve both how you organize time itself and your relationship with it. After today’s video, you will be more aware of how you can be intentional about your use of time so you can start feeling better about how you spend each day & move from doing only what you WANT to do (procrastination) to what you actually NEED to do (GOOD use of time!).
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