Adapting DevOps in a World of Growing Software Supply Chain Attacks • Adam Such • GOTO 2021

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen 2021. #GOTOcon #GOTOcph

Adam Such - Principal Solutions Architect for the Nordics region at Sonatype

Instinctively, we understand how critical this is, especially in a time of growing high profile attacks on software supply chains across the world - most recently Dependency Confusion, the Cloudflare and SolarWinds breach - embracing security as a development team has never been more important.
Done properly, DevSecOps practices shouldn’t interrupt the DevOps pipeline - but instead aid it - preventing costly rebuilds and build failures, down the road. By creating automated governance that is embedded early and throughout the software development lifecycle, developers have transparent access to digital guardrails integrated within our native tools — an approach that ensures security is being built in without slowing [...]

00:00 Intro
02:12 What you will learn
03:00 Why is there a new wave of cybersecurity attacks?
06:34 Where do vulnerabilities enter your supply chain?
12:37 Typosquatting
15:46 Namespace confusion
18:06 Malicious code injections
20:40 How to prevent future attacks?
22:30 8 Rules
31:20 Outro

Read the full abstract here:

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