AD 2021 : (EN) Opening Remarks / The Challenge of Governance in Times of Pandemic

Opening Remarks
Speaker: Karim El Aynaoui, Executive President, Policy Center for the New South

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed all around the globe several failures in institutional and political management. Indeed, public health systems, government capability and trust in government have all been challenged during the pandemic. At the beginning of the sanitary crisis, quick initial responses from governments were crucial to the propagation of the virus, e.g. closing borders, alleviating the initial economic impact of lockdowns etc. At the peak of the pandemic, public health systems were tested due to the high number of hospitalisations. In addition, the digitalisation of education and administrative procedures was critical to ensure the continuity of social life.  Today, the organisation of successful vaccination campaigns is decisive to end this crisis. In the near future, governments should also implement various policies to counter the long-standing effects of the pandemic. To cope with these challenges, good governance is a paramount stake. In this regard, we will address why good governance is important in times of the pandemic.

How can government responses to the pandemic be assessed in the light of governance?
Why governance is crucial to overcome long term impacts of the pandemic?
Moderator: Uduak Amimo, Journalist and Consultant, Uduak Amimo Coaching and Consulting, Kenya


- Obiageli Ezekwesili, Former Minister of Education ; Senior Economic Advisor, Africa Economic Development Policy Initiative (AEDPI), Nigeria
- Ana Palacio, Former Foreign Affairs Minister, Spain
- Paolo Portas, Former Deputy Prime Minister, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Portugal
- Hubert Védrine, Former Foreign Affairs Minister, France
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