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-Jan Browne + Steve Wiebe from Bridge Strata and Nicole Robb from Signature Strata join Nikki Jovicic from LookUpStrata for a webinar on Governance and Meetings in ACT Owners Corporations.

During this reference webinar, packed full of legislation and guidelines, plus plenty of practical tips and best practice procedures is all about the governance of your Owners Corporation. Jan, Steve and Nicole step you through:

- the role of the EC including the responsibilities of each member.
- The Committee Members’ Code of Conduct is also covered in this section
- How the Executive Committee can be assisted by the appointment of sub-committees – when this is appropriate and how to do this
- The importance of rules and how to ensure they are enforceable
Committee Member conflict of interest
- What each of the four resolutions mean and what they are for
- At least one quick tip to increase the efficiency of your EC – hint, it’s to do with the number of members

Webinar Overview:
0:00 Introduction
3:14 Steve Wiebe's presentation
9:56 Jan Browne's presentation
21:44 Nicole Robb's presentation
31:21 Question 1
34:13 Question 2
40:38 Question 3
44:22 Question 4
49:15 Question 5
52:13 Question 6
53:34 Question 7
57:23 Question 8
57:57 Question 9

You can access more information about ACT Strata Committees here: https://www.lookupstrata.com.au/category/committeeconcerns/committeeact/

The information in this session, including the discussions arising from submitted questions, is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as legal advice. You should seek independent advice before acting on the information contained in this session.

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Jan Browne & Steve Wiebe, Bridge Strata can be contacted via:
W: https://bridgestrata.com.au/
E: [email protected]
P: 02 6109 7700

Nicole Robb, Signature Strata can be contacted via:
W: https://www.signaturestrata.com.au/
E: [email protected]
P: 02 6185 0347
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