Accounting for Beginners & Dummies: Fundamental Principles of Financial Management - Audiobook

The world of accounting using simplified information (audiobook). You may have tried to learn about accounting standards before but were discouraged by the complexity of the online resources. Rest assured that this book is designed for beginners and explains everything you need to know about accounting. You’ll understand what accounting is and why it’s important for small and large businesses. You’ll learn the different accounting standards and principles needed when creating a financial report.

Have you always created budgets but were never able to stick to them? Do you understand what happens when your paycheck is deposited into your account? When you understand the basic rules of accounting, you’ll learn how to manage your personal expenses and stick to your budget. If you’re a business owner, accounting knowledge will help you track any discrepancies in your business.

While you may be dealing with an accounting firm, it’s very important to learn the basic terms and standards in accounting to communicate better with your financial team.
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