Access 2021 Beginner Tutorial (Part 1 of 3)

Access 2021 Beginner Tutorial

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Start 0:00
Introduction 0:03
Database Basics 2:03
Introduction to Database Objects and the Access Interface 4:01
Accessing the Northwind Template 7:13
Exploring the Login and Homes Forms 10:23
Navigation Pane Default View and Datasheet and Design Views for Tables 13:11
Exploring Datasheet View, Design View, and SQL View for Query Objects 16:29
Exploring Form View, Layout View, and Design View for Form Objects 19:50
Exploring Report View, Layout View, Design View, and Print Preview for Report Objects 21:28
Running Macros and Exploring Design View 24:01
Examining VBA Code 26:16
Access Ribbon and Status Bar 27:23
Exploring the Relationships Window and Closing the Database 31:07
Introduction to Creating New Databases 35:23
Creating Blank Databases 41:41
Switching Default Table to Design View and Renaming the Primary Key Field 43:05
Adding Remaining Fields to the Customers Table 46:38
Field Descriptions, Format and Text Limit, and Input Mask 49:49
Using the Caption Field Property 56:52
Creating New Tables in Design View 58:43
Introduction to Entering Data into Tables 1:03:24
Manually Entering Table Data 1:03:55
Importing from Excel - Appending to Existing Table - Employees 1:06:39
Importing from Excel - Appending with Different Data Types Error - Customers 1:10:58
Importing from Excel - Adding Data into A New Table - Categories 1:14:55
Importing from Excel - Adding Data into New Tables 1:18:10
Reviewing Data Types and Field Properties for Imported Tables - Products 1:19:58
Reviewing Data Types and Field Properties for Imported Tables - Orders 1:25:01
Order Details Table - Discussing Composite Key Fields 1:27:59
Setting a Composite Key - Order Details 1:30:02
Sorting Table Data 1:32:56
Inclusive Filtering, Exclusive Filtering, and Filtering by Form 1:34:38
Introduction to Relationships 1:38:46
Adding Tables to the Relationships Window and Organizing Them 1:41:22
Common Fields Between Tables 1:45:02
Creating a One-To-Many Relationship Between Customers and Employees Tables 1:45:28
Creating Relationship Errors 1:49:59
Resolving Data Type Errors and Repopulating Table Fields 1:52:28
Manually Repopulating Table Fields 1:57:41
Creating Lookup Fields in a Table 1:58:42
Changing the Field Size of a Numeric Data Type to Resolve a Relationship Error 2:01:17
Resolving a Data Type Error and Repopulating Table Fields 2:05:55
Creating a Lookup Field in Another Table and Highlighting the Many-to-Many Relationship 2:09:54
Database Basics Recap 2:14:44
Conclusion 2:16:27

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