Accelerated Precast Design with Allplan

Discover ALLPLAN's dedicated workflows for precast design and detailing. Allplan takes your precast design and detailing processes to a new level of efficiency and precision. Design walls, slabs, and structural precast elements such as stairs or columns faster and more accurately than ever before

Benefit from numerous automated workflows, such as:
✔️ 1-click reinforcement
✔️ import architectural models automatically
✔️ automated generation of fixtures


1) Efficient precast design and detailing with ALLPLAN
Benefits of Planbar inclusion in Allplan AEC https://youtu.be/cbbSIMF0jEY
Allplan Precast Walls: highly automated precast walls design https://youtu.be/e9atOX2_l_Q
Allplan Precast Slabs: highly automated precasat slabs design https://youtu.be/lTwRktprkJ0

2) Why well-known companies trust ALLPLAN for their precast projects
• Oberndorfer builds precast stadion in record time with Planbar https://youtu.be/lGgoYgG0yak
• aspern - Vienna's sustainable Urban Lakeside - fast construction thanks to precast https://youtu.be/p7PUNIwXbZw
• Reference client engineering office Mossel bc https://youtu.be/_HdOfTnu7Gk
• Why BFU relies on Allplan Precast in terms of BIM https://youtu.be/fuwyK1AKrB0

3) How Tim makes your work with precast projects easier
• ALLPLAN’s work preparation and BIM-management solution for precast processes Tim|work https://youtu.be/0cCK15vpQ4c
• Tim|flow: ALLPLAN‘s solution for digitizing precast processes https://youtu.be/0cCK15vpQ4c

Planbar included in Allplan AEC
The Allplan 2023 version is characterized by the integration of numerous functions for precast element planning. Specifically, the complete range of functions of Planbar Essentials, one of the most innovative planning solutions in the Precast area, has been included in Allplan.

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