ACCA AA - Audit and Assurance | Corporate Governance | ACCA Audit and Assurance 1st class

ACCA F8 Exam Audit and Assurance Corporate Governance 1st Class by Prakash Saraf Sir.

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About Saraf Academy :
Saraf Academy is one of India's leading specialist providers of professional education, delivering a range of industry leading Professional Qualifications in the Business Management , Finance & Accounting space, to learners across the globe.
Vision: To unlock the full potential of each learner.
1. Delivering Value Based Education at the doorstep of every learner.
2. Leverage our technology, processes & people
3. Partners with the best-in-class Principals in the domain of Business Management, Finance &Accounting.
Committed to delivering excellence in professional education.

Prakash Saraf is the Founder and CEO of Saraf Academy. A recognized business leader, Mr. Saraf started the company, Saraf Academy with the aim of providing world-class education to the students across the world, in the domains of Finance, Accounting & Business .

Mr Saraf graduated with a First Class in B.Com from the Calcutta University. He is a Chartered Accountant, with a First Class from the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants, India). He also holds a Master's in Finance, along with both a CFA and a CIMA qualification.

Mr Saraf is a passionate teacher and aims to make all his students impeccably brilliant in academics, along with making them an irreplaceable asset in their professional life. He tries to inspire and mentor the students at every step of the way so that they are able to stay ahead of their Accounting and Finance professional peers.

The future is now- and it is a future of technology. Mr. Saraf believes in staying updated, in order to deliver quality education at the doorstep of every student in any part of our global village.
With his infectious energy, he connects with each student and tries to make a difference at the most basic level. Contrary to theory-based learning, Mr. Saraf emphasizes on concept-based, practical education . He simplifies study matter and explains them, encouraging his students to think logically, so that they can make a become capable entrepreneurs, and make a difference in the world no matter where they are.

Always smiling and a paragon of patience, neither hell nor high water can put him down. He loves what he does, and lives for his students- an inspiration to all!

'You will not fail, unless you really want to fail', is what he says.

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