Absence Management Academy: USERRA and Other Uncommon Types of Leave

Webinar Date: December 8, 2021

Every employer is familiar with the most common types of leaves, such as short-term disability, FMLA leave, ADA leave, or PFML. But how do you successfully administer less common leaves, like USERRA, bone marrow/organ donation leave, or school-related parental leave? It isn’t always easy for employers to manage leaves that may only come up occasionally.

The final installment of our 2021 four-part series on absence management fundamentals. Our speakers addressed the following areas:

• The Basics – An overview of what every employer should know about military leaves under USERRA and the landscape of other uncommon leaves
• The Process – Understanding how to recognize, address, and respond to leave requests for military service and other less common reasons
• Test Your Knowledge – A practical review of common errors and confusing scenarios that come up when administering USERRA and other leaves

Ashlee Brennan, Esq., Senior Compliance Counsel

Ryan Nelson, CLMS, Senior Absence Management Solutions Practice Leader
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