About ICAP- As Examination Body, Its governance structure & International Affiliations

CA Pakistan

You should know about ICAP before you join CA Pakistan.

In this Vlog you would know about :
1) Who join CA?
2) When ICAP Founded? Where Its Offices Located?
3) ICAP's relationship with students as examination body.
4) Is examination cycle of ICAP similar to Intermediate Board?
5) Is ICAP affiliated with internationally standard setting bodies/forums?
6) Is every country have its own Institute for Chartered Accountant?
7) How and who govern ICAP?
8) What About departments & management of ICAP?
9) How Chartered Accountants serve profession and society?
10) What are few strengths of ICAP?

Mian M Zeeshan
Vice Principal
EdSkills Centre of Finance

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