About Accredited Stress Management Practitioner Training

About Accredited Stress Management Practitioner Course
The Stress Management Practitioner Course is the next level up from the basic foundational Stress Management 101 Course.

It is for anyone on, joining or who has already completed the updated
*Accredited Relaxation Therapist Training Course from 2019

This professional stress management training course is based on the foundations of the Accredited Relaxation Therapist & Teacher Training and Stress Management 101 but is different in that its approach is based mostly on psychological approaches, mindset and mental analysis tools in relation to one-to-one sessions, courses, and workshops.

It included from the Relaxation Therapist Training

Relaxation Techniques, Relaxation Therapy, Anxiety and Stress Management, Meditation, Mindfulness, NLP, Creative Visualisation, Guided Meditation Techniques and so much more

Some of the topics and techniques we will explore separately in this Stress Management Therapist/Practitioner Training

Balanced Healthier Lifestyle
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Healthier Mindset
Relationship Analysis
Stress Management Resilience
Stress At Work
Time Management

If anyone would like to ask me any questions about this training you can book a chat or email me directly. Book a chat below

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