Abortion को कैसे मैनेज किया जाये? Spontaneous and Induced (MTP) | Nursing Lecture

Abortion can be managed according to various reasons, some of the important ones I have mentioned here in Hindi.

1. Spontaneous Abortion
2. Induced Abortion (MTP)
Medical method & Surgical method
- First trimester
- Second Trimester


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Your queries:
Management of Abortion
Medical and surgical management of Abortion


00:00 Introducing the management of Abortion
01:50 Managing abortion with Chromosomal abnormalities
02:51 Managing abortion with Endocrinal disturbance
04:26 Managing abortion with APLA
06:41 Managing abortion with Structural anomalies
12:05 Septic abortion management
15:08 1st trimester MTP (Induced)
20:37 2nd Trimester MTP (Induced)

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