Aberdeen and BlackBerry: Critical Event Landscape, Insights and Future

The hourly costs of downtime caused by a critical event can range from an average of $300,000 to seven figures. Still, many organizations remain unprepared to respond effectively, leaving themselves vulnerable not only to financial losses, but also to reputational damage, regulatory penalties, and, in the most extreme cases, loss of life.

Next-gen critical event management (CEM) solutions can alleviate these risks by providing stakeholders with accurate, timely, and actionable information about an unfolding crisis, along with robust plans and processes for incident response and recovery.

A new survey by Aberdeen Strategy & Research found that organizations with next-gen CEM solutions deployed are three times more likely than peers without CEM solutions to resolve critical events in less than a day, and twice as likely to avoid revenue impacts.

Join us as BlackBerry hosts special guest Jim Rapoza, Aberdeen VP & Principal Analyst Information Technology, for an in-depth analysis of today’s CEM threat landscape. During his wide-ranging presentation. Jim will review the survey results, share CEM best practices, and discuss such topics as:
• The growing number of critical events and the challenges that organizations are facing today.
• How the rise of CEM bridges the gap between emergency notification systems and IT, and cybersecurity monitoring and prevention capabilities.
• Key benefits that leading organizations are gaining to limit and even prevent critical events from disrupting their operations.
• Real world examples of how peers have implemented and benefited from CEM solutions.
If you have a stake in enhancing your organization’s resilience and continuity programs, we urge you to attend this essential management briefing.
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