AASHTO TPM Webinar 9 - Organizational Management & Measures

This webinar covers topics related to transportation organizational management and agencies’ efforts to enhance public value. It also highlights the activities of the AASHTO Committee on Performance-Based Management’s Organizational Management Subcommittee.

0:11 - Introduction - Matt Hardy (AASHTO), Hyun-A Park (Spy Pond), Christos Xenophontos (Rhode Island)
6:10 - Organization Management and Creating Public Value - Mark Fagan (Harvard Kennedy School)
20:49 - Enterprise Performance Management and Creating Public Value - Daniel Fodera (FHWA)
32:54 - Using Lean to Improve Results and Meet Customers Needs - Gary Vansuch (Colorado), Deanna Belden (Minnesota)
48:15 - Iowa DOT's 2021-2025 Business Plan - Charlie Purcell (FHWA)
1:06:27 - Q&A and Discussion
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