A public discussion about privacy careers: Training, certification and experience | Cyber Work Live

Join Infosec Skills authors Chris Stevens, John Bandler and Ralph O’Brien as they discuss the intersection of privacy and cybersecurity. They’ll help you walk a path that will lead to an engaging career as a privacy specialist — a job role that grows with more opportunities year after year!

This episode was recorded live on April 12, 2022. Want to join the next Cyber Work Live and get your career questions answered? See upcoming events here: https://www.infosecinstitute.com/events/.

0:00 - Intro and guests
3:45 - What is privacy as a career?
8:15 - Day-to-day work of a cybersecurity privacy professional?
16:45 - Intersection of law and tech degrees
20:30 - What beginner privacy certifications should I pursue?
25:45 - Best practices for studying for IAPP certifications
33:00 - How to gain experience in cybersecurity privacy work
40:27 - How to interview for a cybersecurity privacy job
45:00 - GDPR and ransomware
51:52 - Implementation of privacy laws and security positions
58:15 - Outro

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