A Powerful Leadership Question – “What Do You Think” Question asked in Leadership!

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A Powerful Leadership Question – “What Do You Think” Question asked in Leadership!

My name is Chris Igwe and I welcome you to another one of our Leadership Training videos.

In one of the earliest leadership training videos and leadership lesson, I talked about the importance of asking the right questions in leadership and why that is a powerful tool and one of the leadership skills to develop.

One of the leadership questions that was put to me “what are the best questions to ask?” I cannot give you all of the leadership questions but there is a powerful leadership question that I have selected to talk about and one that really helped me in my own leadership journey. It is the what do you think question!

Why the “What do you think” question asked in leadership? Why ask it?
It is a very important and a powerful leadership question first of all because it opens up many different channels. And good leaders ask great questions!

So here are some of the reasons why it is good to ask what do you think question to your team members:

- It engages ideas
- It gets solutions
- It opens conversation
- It gauges temperature
- It engages those who are shy/quiet

All of the above allows you to develop credibility, gain respect and trust of your team members. All of which are incredibly important in leadership.

But here is an important point, as a leader, I discourage you to ask a powerful leadership question such as the what do you think question to your team members in certain specific instances, unless it is addressed to your higher or senior management only. And this is why it is important not only to ask the right questions as a leader but also ask the right questions to the right people!

Here are the circumstances in which you should not use the what do you think question asked in leadership with your team members:

- Strategic matters
- Financial/Budget
- Sensitive areas: Staff, Recruiting, Firing
- Corporate issues

So then when do you use a powerful leadership question such as what do you think question?

Well, here are some simple examples. You use it when you need:

- Genuine help in a specific area
- Manager/leader’s input
- To make sure that you have not missed anything
- Key knowledge/experience
- To grow leaders
- As part of your training

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