A NEW TYPE OF POWERCREEP?! Gunblader Ardine Reveal & Maintenance Details | Last Cloudia

Decent of Heroes Gunblader Ardine & SSR Ark Harmattancraft, St. Rose are introduced as the NEW additions to Last Cloudia. January 13 maintenance details give us what to expect in tomorrow's update!

Game Description:
Granzelia, a world inhabited by both mankind and beasts.
A world once ruled by the God of Ruin, Loug Zeus.
The hero Adel with the Goddess Lilaha worked together to seal the God of Ruin away.
Our adventure begins many hundred years later.
The world has United peacefully under the Aldanian Empire that was founded by the decendants of the hero.
However, reports of mysterious beasts disturbing the peace have gotten more frequent.
Kyle and Rei, a knight and a beast in the 12th division, go on a certain mission.
Without knowing it, they embark on a quest that may change the world.

Main Cast:

Kyle - A knight belonging to the Twelth Division of the Imperial Knights. His hot-blooded temperament often leads him to act before he thinks. Though his swordsmanship is first class among the Imperial Knights, his penchanct for acting independantly has kept him from advancing further in the ranks (thought this does not particularily seem to bother him). He has known the beast known as Rei since they lived together as children.

Rei - A single-winged beast with Arkane power and unleasher of azure thunder. Aided by a young Kyle after he lost his memory and became lost, he has since always remained by Kyle's side. With a power far exceeding most beasts and his characteristically gruff mannerisms, Rei has never been particularily approachable, but that has never prevented him from walking around town like everyone else, though he is still sometimes surprised by people's reactions to his presence.

Theria - Originally an otherwise normal girl living in a small town, her kidnapping by the crew of a Blaze airship would see her swept up into the unceasing currents of fate itself. Though she was forced to rein in her true nature under a mask of cautiousness while captive, after being exposed to the free-spirited nature of Kyle and Rei, she has started to return to her original cheerful self.

Lilebette - A young lady from the Blaze, an enemy of the Empire and advocate of peaceful coexistence between humans and beasts. Thanks to her boisterous and friendly nature, she finds it easy to casually talk with even the most fearsome-looking beasts. She has also been known to occasionally intimidate her enemies by flashing her crossbow, a weapon which she yields with expert skill.

Zekus - A highly talented sorcerer who was appointed to the position of general in the Emporer's personal guard at a young age. Zekus is known for the depth of his strategic acumen as well as his accomplishments as a sorcerer and his extraordinary command over ice magic has no peer in the empire, earning him the nickname "General of Ice." He has known Kyle since their days training together as knights of the Imperial Order.

Info Source: https://www.lastcloudia.com/en/


00:00 Intro
02:14 Video Start
02:39 Animations
03:04 Traits
04:39 Abilities
06:26 Skill Board
15:04 New Ark
16:45 AER
18:27 Update Notice
18:58 New Story, Unit & Ark
20:27 Event Updates
22:45 Promotion Updates (FREE CONTINUES!)
24:42 Various Improvements
27:27 Final Thoughts
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