A New Missile Age in the Indo-Pacific

The Indo-Pacific is on the cusp of a new missile age. As regional tensions rise, many countries are increasing their inventories of short- to intermediate-range missile systems. This proliferation could intensify already complex security dilemmas, particularly related to North Korea and the Taiwan Strait, and heighten nuclear escalation risks.

Geopolitical dynamics, including U.S.-China competition and action-reaction relations between North Korea and South Korea, are driving investments by Indo-Pacific countries in a range of missile capabilities. The U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty in 2019, after years of alleging Russian noncompliance, is also accelerating proliferation. Washington is now pursuing new ground-launched missiles, with a focus on Asia.

Join Carnegie for a discussion on the drivers and consequences of the spread of missiles in the Indo-Pacific with Masashi Murano, Ankit Panda, and Jenny Town. Panda will share findings and recommendations from his new Carnegie report, Indo-Pacific Missile Arsenals: Avoiding Spirals and Mitigating Escalation Risks. George Perkovich will moderate.
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