A New Era for ESG Decision Analytics (IAM UK Chapter Conference 2021)

Responding to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) pressures is adding complexity to investment decision making and planning. The demands on organisations to operate in a more sustainable and socially-conscious manner have been increasing for the past few decades as investors, customers, and employees continue to elevate their expectations. Surface-level commitments to ESG initiatives and vague vision statements will no longer suffice. What was once largely a voluntary effort is now a business imperative.

This session taking place 9 November at the IAM UK Chapter Conference 2021 will discuss the impacts of climate change on organisations, and what steps they are taking to mitigate the risks and act on opportunities.

Book your place at conference: https://theiam.org/events/iam-uk-chapter-conference-2021/

Speaker John Harvey, Copperleaf. John is an experienced consultant and leader in sustainability. He is dedicated to applying decision analytics to optimize asset investment decisions that account for the evolving risks and opportunities due to climate change. He has a BSc. In Mechanical Engineering, a double master’s degree in engineering and Management.
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