A MILLIONAIRE FARMER TOLD ME THIS // Farm Business & Cattle Profitability Micro Ranching for Profit

This video talks about one of the MOST IMPORTANT principles for increasing revenue (even into the MILLIONS) for a small farm business!

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Today's video features Joel Salatin sharing some valuable insight on how to increase income and profitability on a small farm. This video talks about diversifying and building multiple income streams on your farm. This is a basic principle in business and one that nearly every Millionaire takes hold of. Diversity of income streams is a hedge against disaster on farm. It creates a safety net of income that will catch you when any one enterprise struggles. Diversity of income on farm makes the startup losses bearable and cuts risk that accompanies ranching.

Whether your diversification means more animals, or maintaining a full time job, I hope this video encourages you on your farming for profit journey!

-the Shepherdess

Millionaires have this in Common: 0:00
Joel Salatin Says Diversify Your Farm Business: 0:30
Examples from Six-figure Farmers: 2:27
How I'm Building Multiple Income Streams On Farm: 3:37
Why Farming Makes a Great Side Hustle: 4:56
Advice for Beginner Sheep Farmers: 6:25
Does Shaklee Basic H Work as a Sheep Dewormer?: 6:57

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Article on Millionaire Commonalities: https://grow.acorns.com/habits-millionaires-have-in-common/
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About this Channel: This channel chronicles my journey as a sheep farmer from the very beginning. My primary occupation is in business management. In 2020, I discovered the principles of regenerative agriculture and embarked on a journey with the end goal of building a profitable small farm on 23 acres by 2027. Thank you for joining the journey!

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