A Melody, A Progression, A Variety of Styles | Easy to Learn & Play! (1/4)

Composing your own melody is fun and useful. You then put your own chords to it and would do well to apply different rhythms. If you can't yet do that, then I offer my own melody and chords for you to easily learn. It's only five bars and hopefully a few new chords for you. In each next video of the series, I'll play this same melody/chords in a different style: jazz, blues, bossa, pop, etc. and hope to share the techniques and traits of each. See you on the journey!
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00:00 - Intro
00:45 - First three chords
01:55 - Next two chords
03:14 - Next two chords
04:36 - Last two chords
05:44 - Last chord variation
06:24 - Ab as b6 chord
06:45 - Full review of piece
07:18 - Final words

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