A Deep Dive Into Monster High

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Today let's take a look at the iconic Monster High! While it may seem like an innocent, if not spooky doll line filled with colorful creatures and cryptids, there's a LOT to cover, from outraged parents to fandom drama to countless reboots and comebacks! I always loved the dolls as a kid, and being one of the first prominent/mainstream alternative fashion dolls, it has a long and rich history, and as tons of fans (and detractors!) So let's dive into the drama-filled and freaky fabulous world of Monster High!

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❤︎❤︎ MUSIC ❤︎❤︎
Spark / Vylet Pony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnRqor5kKrM
Petz Catz 2 OST
LuKremBo - Sunset/Tower/Marshmallow/Store
Small Circuits / From Now On [Provided by Epidemic Sound]

❤︎❤︎ TIMESTAMPS ❤︎❤︎
0:00 Introduction
3:44 A His-scary Of Monster High
9:01 Claw-troversies
15:09 Okay Back To The Hisssssstory
21:58 The Five Beast And Worst Dolls
26:58 The Frightful Reboot
38:48 The Instagram AMA Scare-ndal
43:28 Monster High Mediarghhhh
50:17 The Fang-dom
54:52 Conclusion

❤︎❤︎ DISCLAIMER ❤︎❤︎
All credit goes to the musicians and composers! This video is not meant to target or harass any person. This video does not condone or encourage anyone to harass or contact any person or persons discussed in this video. This video is purely for entertainment and informational purposes.
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