A date with Boss || Part - 5 || Ravi Siva Teja || Viraajitha || Infinitum Media

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"A Date with Boss" is a Telugu Rom Com Web Series Featuring Ravi Siva Teja & Viraajitha as Leads.

Cast - Ravi Siva Teja, Viraajitha, Rajesh, Pavan Suribabu.

Produced By Vandana Bandaru

Written & Directed by Pavan Suribabu.

DOP: Vinay Sarukolla

Editing: Nagarjuna Reddy & Kumba Shiva Kumar

Publicity Designer: Nikhil Chotu

Motion Graphics: Hemanth Korimi

Assistant Director: Praveen Kinthali

Executive Producer: Chandu JC

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