A DAMN GOOD Nintendo Switch Eshop Sale (US) 12th - 16th December!

THis is what we like: loads of first party games reduced and literally through us the cheapest place to buy games - use code SWITCHUP at HTTPS://www.SwitchUp.gg to save an EXTRA 10% on everything buying your Eshop vouchers there - now live in the American regions hazaaah! #EndOfYear #Eshop #Sales

The colour changing joycon we use - save $10 with code: SWITCHUP
Product link: https://bit.ly/30tIm0N - they are very comfortable, have GYRO, Rumble (standard) and a proper D-Pad. Plus they charge normally on the Switch. Great Joycon.

If you’re a long time supporter of ours consider supporting us on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/SwitchUpGaming

If you are a physical collector you can use code "SwitchUp" to save 5% at PlayAsia https://www.play-asia.com

Link to our Discord here: - https://discord.gg/bS8QuSy

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Mark & Glen

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