A conversation about whitetail habitat with Jim Ward. Part 2: Property Design, Forest Management etc

This is the second in a series of videos comprising a discussion between Jim Brauker and Jim Ward while walking Jim Ward's 137 acre south central Indiana whitetail property. We will be releasing these videos in sequence during the 2022-23 hunting season. We were joined on this day by a young habitat consultant named Colin Koskinen.

Jim Brauker is the author of the book "Extreme Deer Habitat" and the web and YouTube sites of the same name. Jim focuses on education of hunters to improve their habitat on their hunting property. extremedeerhabitat.com.

Jim Ward is an expert trophy buck hunter and one of the leading deer habitat specialists in the country. Jim has spent many years traveling around the country and helping people develop their deer habitat plans and properties. Jim is no longer taking on clients but instead is focusing on his own property, the properties of his long term clients, and spending more time educating landowners. jimwardwhitetailacademy.com

Colin Koskinen was behind the camera for these videos and is the owner of a whitetail habitat consulting company called Legendary Habitat. He has worked in the field with both Jim Brauker and Jim Ward and they both recommend him for your habitat plans. www.legendaryhabitat.com

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