A closer look at China's CIIE and U.S. rising inflation

The world's biggest import fair – the 4th China International Import Expo – opened in Shanghai on Thursday. Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech detailing measures China has taken since the last expo to open its doors to trade, and further initiatives to open up. Amid global supply chain challenges, what are some of these initiatives? And what's special about this year's expo and how will it help foster global growth?
In the second part of the show, we'll take a look at the surging U.S. inflation. According to the U.S. Commerce Department, U.S. inflation has risen to its fastest pace in more than 30 years, coming in at 4.4 percent in September, running "well above" the Fed's 2 percent goal. While prices have been rising, the Federal Reserve insists the current high rate is "expected to be transitory." What caused this fast rise ? And to what extent will it influence the global economy?

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