A Chennai home in a quiet neighbourhood embraces eclecticism with style

Interior designer and architect, and co-founder of A Design Co, Gowri Adappa’s home in Chennai is a perfect reflection of her design sensibility — an elegant blend of diverse styles. “I love designing spaces where you can’t pin down a particular style or theme. I enjoy revelling in the conflict and starting conversations about a space,” says Adappa. And nothing could be a greater testimonial to that philosophy than her own house, a 1,000-square-foot apartment in a quiet neighbourhood by the Bay of Bengal. A long and narrow open-plan living room that flows into the dining area in a white-walled backdrop suitably lends itself to the disparate elements that stitch the place together. The studiedly artless arrangement offers an insight into the personalities of the people occupying the space, but it also shines a light on Adappa’s almost intuitive approach to design. And that’s seen in the smallest of details, including the selection of art that is seen throughout the house. Her beautifully designed abode is what truly defines her.

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