A change is gonna come.....

**The Sustainable leaders programme is being launched in Kaduna and Abuja to help bring a new leadership ethos to Nigeria.
This initiative is ideal for those seeking to deliver change and development including business leaders, politicians at all levels and even civil servants seeking promotion to the highest level.
The course is also an upgrade on academic leadership and project management courses with an emphasis on sustainability and people skills; so it is ideal for those who have had some training but lack actual skills and experience.
It is a required programme for our partners’ senior manager positions, such as Regional Director for the ACSAN project and Youth Leadership roles as well as consultants.
The course goes through all essential skills in leadership, management and project management, focusing on sought after expertise such as the use of digital tools /PM software and expert planning. Key competencies and objectives will be achieved through the following modules:
* Planning and creating sustainable development
* Sustainable Development for government/public and private sector * * * * * Leadership roles
* Introduction to Advanced Management Skills: the essential skills and methods
* Foundations of PM: methods to plan, control, monitor projects and motivating the project team
* Effective planning and the use of leading tools and methodologies
* Practical assignment: delivering a successful project under the supervision and guidance of an expert mentor.
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