920 Straddles Strategy That Works | Straddle and Strangles | Strategies for Intraday Options Selling

About this Episode;-

In today’s episode, we are in conversation with Krishna - aka Krish. He has explained how he uses strangles and straddles strategies for intraday options trading
Straddle is a strategy where you trade a call and put of same strike price and expiry dates.
Strangles is a strategy in which you trade out of the money call and put of different strike prices but the same expiry dates.

There are 3 main types of strangles that one can trade:
1. Range-based strangles
2. Vix and Range based strangles
3. Premium-based strangles
He also explains strategies for straddles. He avoids trading straddles on Tuesday and strangles on Friday. If you're an options trader then you must watch the whole episode.

We're certain you'll enjoy it.
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00:00 introduction
04:51 Straddle and Strangle
10:20 Why Strangle for direction?
12:00 What are Straddles used for? / Where can Straddles be used?
13:24 Different types of Strangles
15:10 Combination of Strangles and Straddles
15:45 Strategies of Straddles
23:34 Strategies of Strangles
29:41 Glimpse of the next episode

About Krish:-
Krishna aka Krish is an options trader from Hyderabad. He primarily sells straddles and strangles. He entered the market at the young age of 23 in the year 2015. He was a discretionary trader till 2021 but has moved to algorithmic trading since then. He likes to listen to music and read books.

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