#90 On XTRF and Scaling a Translation Management System with Andrzej Nedoma

Andrzej Nedoma, Co-founder and CEO of XTRF, joins SlatorPod to discuss the journey of the translation management system (TMS).

Andrzej begins with XTRF’s early days as a spin-off of family-owned LSP Lidolang and building the company with Co-founder, Dominik Radziszowski. He talks about the rationale behind pivoting from licenses to SaaS in 2014 and the funding decisions with Experior Venture Fund.

The XTRF CEO unpacks the process behind investment firm K1 acquiring a majority stake in the company and their relationship with sister company XTM going forward. He talks about the similarities and differences between LSP and enterprise clients.

Andrej shares the key shifts in the TMS landscape over the past decade and XTRF’s most important innovations in the last five years, including building their Business Barometer. He rounds off with XTRF’s roadmap over the midterm.

First up, Florian and Esther discuss the language industry news of the week, with two UK-based life sciences companies teaming up, as LSP Conversis acquires local rival Zebra Translations.

Esther reviews Slator’s latest Language Industry Job Index, which climbed by 3.8 points in October. Florian touches on Slator’s Language Industry Buyer Tracker, which includes a new Localization Producer for Games at Netflix.

Netflix also got called out for botched Korean into English subtitle translations for the TV drama Squid Game, which is on track to become the streaming giant’s most-watched show of all time — indicating the rising demand for English-dubbed content.

Check out XTRF here: https://xtrf.eu/

Chapter Markers:
00:00:00 Agenda and Intro
00:01:19 Conversis acquires local rival Zebra Translations
00:04:45 Language Industry Job Index climbs in October
00:06:04 Latest hires in Language Industry Buyer Tracker
00:07:15 Netflix to enter game localization market
00:10:33 Into-English dubbing and subtitling demand
00:16:09 Andrzej Nedoma joins the pod
00:17:20 XTRF in a nutshell
00:21:48 Engineering talent in Poland
00:22:58 Spinning off from LSP Lidolang
00:24:39 Pivoting from licenses to SaaS
00:27:03 Funding decisions with Experior Venture Fund
00:29:00 Most effective channels for marketing and sales
00:30:20 Investment from PE firm K1
00:32:39 Overlap with TMS provider XTM International
00:34:42 Differences between LSP and enterprise clients
00:37:18 Range of LSP clients
00:39:02 Hold the line policy
00:40:59 TMS landscape over the past decade
00:43:31 XTRF's most important innovations
00:47:35 SaaS revenues during the pandemic
00:48:59 Impact of machine translation on TMS development
00:50:54 Outlook for XTRF and the broader industry
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