8 Things I did to become a director of product in 4 years and why you could make it happen as well

Is this familiar? Did you tell your boss that you want to get promoted to be a Director or VP, but your boss said that even though you are doing well, you’re not good enough to be at Director level?

This can be confusing. There is no blueprint for you to be promoted to Director of Product, VP of Product or Chief Product Officer. You don’t know what you need to work on.

I became a Director of Product in four years, I was also one of the youngest Directors among my peers. In this video, I summarize the key learnings I gained so that you are able to use the same strategy to get into a leadership position.

2:25 Launch an outstanding product
4:22 Build my personal brand
7:20 Learn public speaking - invest in myself
9:10 Start managing interns, full-time employees.
10:36 Increase the scope of work
12:40 Get more sponsors and mentors
14:33 Go out and look for the director position during COVID Freeze hiring
17:24 Ask yourself this question as well: Do you feel happy to stay in Verizon for another 2-5 years?

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