8 MINUTES AGO: Great Reaction from Russian Soldiers to Commanders!Russian People are in the Streets!

Hello The Pioneer viewers. Today I will share with you a very critical report about the Russia-Ukraine war. What does a government need to ensure its legitimacy? Of course, public support. If this legitimacy is ensured, citizens obey the laws set by that government and the administration of the state continues in the normal process. Otherwise, an environment of turmoil and chaos is created, right? In fact, there is such a situation in every organisation with a management unit. Legitimacy is everything. So how is the legitimacy of the rulers, i.e. commanders, ensured in an army? What does it depend on?

Of course, the support of the soldiers serving in the army legitimises the army leaders and commanders. However, in the Russian armed forces, this situation seems to be disappearing in a not very long time. Recent reports show us that Russian soldiers are quite complaining. Of course they complain about Russian commanders. Moreover, the legitimacy crisis in Russia is not only related to the army. We should also note that large popular movements against the Russian administration are about to begin. So what is happening in the Russian army and the Russian people? Let's take a look at the developments together.

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As you know, there is a very intense pressure of the Ukrainian armed forces on the Kherson front line. The Ukrainian armed forces are forcing the Russian armed forces to retreat with the attacks they carry out every day. There is a situation here. There are several reasons for Russian failure in the region. The first reason is the insufficient firepower of the Russian armed forces in the region. When we mention artillery activity in our map reports, we also mention the attacks carried out by Russian artillery. However, the artillery activity is not sufficient. Generally, the short range and low impact power make the artillery activities of the Russian army ineffective.

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