7 valuable investing lessons from Mary Manning

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a testing and turbulent part of our lives for what now seems like an eternity. But for some, this challenging period can be a gift, encouraging us to forge a new path, take a risk, and listen to that little voice within.

For Mary Manning, the pandemic brought about the realisation that her true passion was sustainable investing. Soon after, she announced her departure from her role at Ellerston Capital, where she had managed its Asia-focused strategies for nearly a decade.

"I'm Canadian and Wayne Gretzky is one of the country's most famous hockey players. And one of his most famous quotes is, 'You want to skate to where the puck is going, not to where the puck has been'," Manning says.
"When I look at the investment landscape, I think sustainability is where the puck is going. And I think global is where the puck is going. So to have the ability to work for a global sustainable fund is really important to me."
She has since nabbed a role with Alphinity Investment Management, where she works with a team of portfolio managers across its Global Fund and Global Sustainable Fund.

In this profile, we discuss seven valuable lessons that investors can draw on in the current market environment, including the role of technology in the transition to a sustainable future, why it's important to be aware of the risks, and why you should draw on those around you.

Note: This interview took place on Friday, September 17th, 2021. You can read an edited summary below.

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