7 Obscure Types of Medieval Laws (Some of Which are Still in Effect...)

From about 1150 onwards the monarchy began to play a much larger part in the management of the justice system in England. Of course, it would be several centuries before the legal system that we know today would be in place, but the start of jury led trials began in this period. Some medieval laws and punishments seem quite shocking by today’s standards and justice during the period was certainly not without its faults and cruelties. Lets take a look at 7 obscure types of medieval laws!

0:00 Introduction
3:05 Improper Sports
4:59 Unsuitable Clothing
9:11 Obesity
10:49 Dead Whales, Swans and Hanging Pigs
14:05 Holding the Nose
15:30 Knights & Armour
16:55 Northern Hospitality

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