7 Most In Demand POWER Skills for the Future, what skills should i learn?

Most in-demand Power skills for the future.

You probably asked yourself “What skills should I learn?”. What are the best skills for the future? What skills to learn if I want to get success in my career? Check out the Video..

Are these skills going to help me in cracking the Interviews, Big YES!
Are these skills going to help me in my promotion, OHHHH YESS!
Are these skills going to stay with me in FUTURE! BIGGGG YESS!!!!

Well hopefully this video helps answer all your questions about the skills of the future, so you know exactly what are the most in-demand skills to learn for success.

FREE 7 Most In-Demand Power skills for the future,
In this video, I share 7 Skills that will and all you need to know is to stay relevant for the future of work.
00:00 Importance of Power Skills,
01:39 Shift from Soft Skills to Power Skills
02:03 Why called as Power Skills
02:49 Why Employers are looking for Problem Solving Skills
03:32 Why Employers are looking for Decision Making Skills
04:19 Why Employers are looking for Judgement Skills
04:52 Why Employers are looking for Communication Skills
05:33 Why Employers are looking for Self Management Skills
06:21 Why Employers are looking for Collaboration SKills
07:18 Why Employers are looking for Values Clarification

Here is the research I am talking about:

Harvard Business Review
Josh Bersin

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