7 Factors that will Make You a Strong #MBA Applicant | MBA Application Tips & Advice

When evaluating #MBA applications, Business schools pay significant attention to your story about personal & professional growth. In this session, Nicole Shay, former #MBAAdmission officer and sr. consultant at PersonalMBACoach, is going to talk about 7 factors that can bring uniqueness in the story you are narrating through your #MBAapplication essays.

00:00 Intro & 7 Tips to Make you a Strong MBA Applicant
07:52 1. Avoid goals that are too ambitious
14:25 2. Embracing your uniqueness
25:11 3. Average GMAT/GRE is often not enough
31:55 4. Disconnect between extracurriculars & your story
35:00 5. Pick the recommender who knows you the best
38:26 6. Critical evaluation of what you will learn during your MBA
41:16 7. Pay special attention to video essays
47:42 Audience Questions

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