7 Dividend Stocks INCREASING Payments | 82% Dividend Growth

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With so many companies cutting their dividend payment ahead of a potential 2023 recession, you need to find the dividend payers actually increasing their dividend! I’ll reveal seven dividend growth stocks and show you how to always know your dividends are safe.

I’m going to countdown the seven dividend stocks with the highest five-year dividend growth including one stock that, if you had bought it five years ago, you’d now be earning a 26% return every year on dividends alone!

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These have been some great dividend growth stocks but I do have to warn you, that past history of dividend growth doesn’t guarantee these stocks will increase their dividends the same in the next five years . You always need to ask yourself, what caused the company to be able to grow its cash flow like that in the past…and how likely is that to happen in the future? You can also look at coverage ratios like the payout ratio to find stocks with more room to increase their dividend.

Whether they increase the dividend at the same pace over the next five years or not, what all seven of these stocks do have is a firm commitment to shareholder cash return. Management has said, our investors value their dividends more than anything else and we’re going to respect that with a focus on dividend growth.

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