#61. When Pop Meets Brain Science with Meredith Colby

This week's guest is Meredith Colby.

Meredith Colby is an author, teacher, speaker and the creator of Neuro-Vocal, an approach to teaching singing for popular music styles based on brain science. In this episode, Meredith speaks candidly about her professional career, the demands of the CCM industry for singers, the lack of formal training for the styles she was performing and the vocal issues she encountered as a classically trained singer working in a touring rock band. She firmly believes that the many years of classical training she received did not give her the tools she needed to sustain the styles she was performing and ultimately led to her vocal burnout. These experiences inspired her to research and write her book, Money Notes, in which she introduces Neuro-Vocal, a fast, effective training approach that encourages healthy singing habits for microphone singers and is based on neuroscience.

Neuro-Vocal teaches students to steer changes in their brains and to be guided by these changes as they occur. Meredith breaks down her approach which has been proven to achieve remarkably fast results and puts the student in the driver's seat. Not only that, but equips singers with tools for a healthy voice that will last for a lifetime? There is so much to unpack in this show and I know you are going to love all the information Meredith has to share with us.

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