6 Types of Working Genius (Sharing my Working Genius)

In todays vlog, illbe sharing with you the 6 types of working genius which was a tool developed by Patrick Lencioni. He’s an American author of books on business management, particularly in relation to team management. He has written several books but is best known as the author of The 5 Dysfunction of a Team which I highly recommend. It’s a great book for leaders who want to improve the dynamics of their team. I came across this assessment tool as I was listening to the John Maxwell podcast. Since their guest in that podcast was none other than Patrick Lencioni. He shared that this tool was born out of his pain points. Have you ever experienced coming to work so excited but then after a few hours become tired and exhausted? Or have you been feeling drained and tired atwork without knowing why? Why do some tasks come easily to you and you enjoy doing them. But why do some tasks seem so hard and draining?The answers to these questions can be found in the 6 types of working genius. According to Patrick Lencioni, everyone has natural, God-given talents when it comes to work. Each of us has 2 areas that are considered our Working genius or natural gifting. These are activities that give us joy, fulfillment and passion. 2 are our working frustrations –activities that rob us of energy or joy. And we’re better off delegating these tasks to others. 2 are our working competencies, -activities that neither feed nor drain us and which we can do fairly well for a limited amount of time.

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