6 Hair Loss Causes and What to do About Them

This is the second video in our hair loss series!

ENTIRE SERIES PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLohVBgOJ3QICc49uDN9NQJLDgHp9kbdF6

In this episode, we focus on 6 actual causes of hair loss and why the mainstream accepted theory of hair loss is unsubstantiated and likely incorrect.

0:00 intro
2:34 How this video/series will benefit all types of hair loss, not just PCOS related
4:05 Why the current widely accepted cause of hair loss is not conclusive
9:20 Hair follicle anatomy and why hair loss is a cellular energy issue
17:22 Six imbalances that affect hair follicles
19:24 First imbalance, High Cortisol/Stress Hormone, Low Thyroid Hormone
23:42 Second Imbalance, High Estrogen
26:39 Third Imbalance, Hyperprolactinemia
28:38 Fourth Imbalance, Mineral Imbalances
32:10 Fifth Imbalance, Gut Imbalances, Endotoxins
34:08 Sixth Imbalance, Fat Matters

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