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In the early years, the Minnesota Vikings were like many new franchises of the time: dysfunctional, bad at football, and often intoxicated. And then a former NBA champion came back home to Minnesota and changed the identity of this franchise forever.

This is the first episode of Dorktown’s seven-part docuseries, The History of the Minnesota Vikings.

Release schedule:
Episode 2 (1970-1974) – Tuesday, August 8th
Episode 3 (1974-1979) – Tuesday, August 15th
Episode 4 (1980s) – Tuesday, August 22nd
Episode 5 (1990s) – Tuesday, August 29th
Episode 6 (2000s) – Tuesday, September 5th
Episode 7 (2010s-2020s) – Friday, September 8th

Written and directed by Jon Bois
Written and produced by Alex Rubenstein
Rights specialist Lindley Sico
Secret Base executive producers Will Buikema and Jon Bois

Known goofs:
During the 1968 playoff game vs. the Colts, the Joe Kapp fumble and resulting scoop and score is plotted about 20 yards off from where it actually was.

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