505 days challenge at Uthai Thani with Norapat Samanchotanan : CDD, Ministry of Interior, Thailand

นรพัชร์ สมานโชติอนันต์
Today is my final working day as a position of marketer and business policy consultant of The uthai Thani provincial community development office, Community Development Department, Ministry of interior, Thailand.

According to my responsibilities related to solve policy and practice issues. in economic perspectives, including doing marketing within the province and promoting to create careers in the community for local entrepreneurs. I have been worked here for 1 year, 4 months and 20 days.

I would like to do special challenge, which is run through all my works while I was working in Uthai thani in 4 minutes.

1. I did the community promotion project by encouraging local entrepreneurs to earn almost $500,000 from local products and tourism during the pandemic.

2. I implemented the OTOP Startup project for heirs of entrepreneurs and the new generation to inherit businesses by using innovation to lead their businesses.

3. I also encourage the Campaign about waring hand-woven fabrics that can generate income for local entrepreneurs more than $300,000 already.

4. I organized a textile event in Uthai Thani to recover the stagnant economy and raise money for charity. This 9event had 50,000 attendees. People earned $82,000 from selling textiles and other things, and raised money more than $10,000 in one night for charity.

5. I collaborated with other agencies to organize the market at the Uthai Thani City Hall to open a space for people to sell products to earn money in difficult situations. As organizing the event 20 times it can create income over $27,300 and our office received praise from the President of the National Assembly of Thailand.

6. I implemented the yellow market project through online channels to reduce food waste and loss. The channel are for the general public to sell their products at cost or lower price to reduce waste and help their costs of living as well.

7. I did the “I consult” project to provide consulting and knowledge on business and marketing. to entrepreneurs 70 times via online and offline channels by focusing on entrepreneurs to apply innovation to drive their businesses.

8. I cooperated together with both government and private sectors, to organize more than 52 trade shows both provincial and national levels. Which Generated more than $30,000 to local entrepreneurs.
9. I created content trough online marketing materials to support local entrepreneurs that can be counted as 51 content, 61 lives and 61 video , for presenting local products and tourism.

10. I went on site to promote the local tourism and consult with eight local entrepreneurs in the tourism industry in order to prepare for welcoming tourists, along with resolving conflicts and business management in the community for increasing sustainability to environment and local residents. For example “Kan ma kood” 68%of people across the country know it from online media which can generate income for the community more than $120,000 within7 days, and there were more 38,000 tourists visited the place.

11. I generated a platform for local entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs to join for creating new products or distributing products.

12. I supported farmers to produce chemical-free produces for adding value and creating a healthy trends for increasing sustainability for both farmers and consumers.

13. I went on site to generate content do to promote the Kok Nong Na Nobel project or Sufficiency Economy for food security to provide food immunity to farmers during the Covid-19 situation, the result is farmers' household spending dropped around 9.5% from last year.

14. I consulted with the director of the College of Agriculture to design a course involving business and innovation to encourage agricultural students to be able to become entrepreneurs regarding agribusiness and innovation in the future.
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