5 Units & The "Secret Sauce" to Perfect Property Management

Property management is a difficult yet crucial part of real estate investing. In today’s episode, our guest, Adam Widder, who was a former property manager, shares his four guiding principles that make property management more manageable.

Adam got his start after college while stationed in Kansas. A fellow ROTC member advised him to start investing, and following his advice, Adam tried to find a property near Kansas State. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find anything that cash flowed, so he did a live in flip instead. He made a solid profit from his first flip and continued to do live in flips with two other properties.

Before he got into real estate investing, Adam was a commercial property manager, which gave him the experience he needed to handle any property management issues in his own buildings. Based on his experience, Adam has generated four keys vital to your property management success. These four keys can simplify a considerably complicated part of your real estate journey and give you a definite advantage over your competition.

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Episode 157

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0:00 Intro
1:54 Using a Live in Flip to Get Into Real Estate
6:48 His Current Portfolio & Financing His Flips
11:40 The 4 Keys to Property Management
21:01 How to Find the Right Property Manager
33:53 Rookie Deal Review
41:14 Rookie Request Line
45:04 Rookie Exam
46:55 Rookie Rockstar
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