5 Tips To Improve Your Project Management Skills

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PM Tip, Week of 31 October 2021

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Partial Transcript:
Hi, everyone, Ray here, and it's time for another project management tip. Today, let's talk about five tips to improve your project management skills. Improving your project management skills will help your professional and personal growth and will increase your value to the organization. So here are five quick tips for improving your project management skills. Number one, adopt a mindset of continuous improvement. Learn from past successes and mistakes, and make changes for the next project. Number two, improve your communication skills. Communication, including effective listening, is a big part of the job. Some say up to 90%. Your improvement of your communications and other soft skills will be recognized by all the stakeholders. Number three, don't overly complicate things. Work simpler, and smarter. Good project managers work efficiently and encourage the team to work efficiently. Number four, find the right tools and templates. Make sure they are appropriately identified, modified and applied for your project circumstances. Good tools and templates keep you and your plans organized and efficient. And number five, ask for and value feedback. Getting 360 degree feedback at regular intervals, your efforts will help to identify areas of improvement. So thank, those who provide feedback and let them know that their suggestions have been implemented. So what other ways can you suggest to improve project management skills? If you know of any, please share in the comments. And I'll see you next week for another tip. Thanks everyone. Have a great week.
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